Sunday, May 17, 2020

100 WC Week #34

Box    Racoon    Chair    Sky    Leaf
The leaf Chair 

Ding dong!
¨Sky can you get that please¨ Mum yells from upstairs.
As I open the door all I see is a box
It was a big box!
¨It´s a box and it is too big for me to carry it in can someone please help¨ I yell hoping someone will hear me.
My Dad comes downstairs he is so tired from working late he has big black circles under his eyes he looks like a Racoon!
He helps me lift the box inside and I open it It is a big chair that looks like a leaf.
¨Your Mum is buying random nature thing these days¨ Dad says
¨I wonder what is next¨ I reply.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

100 WC Wekk #30

Sign    Kick    Hole    Flower    Sun

My happy place 

It was a lovely day the sun was shining and there was not a cloud in the sky.
Mum and I were picking up flowers.  I picked one flower and it had a weird hole on it, it was like some kind of sign. There were other flowers with more signs so I followed them.  Then I see an ice cream stand I grab an ice cream.  I see so many swimming pools and trampolines I start jumping up a down on a trampoline in the pool. I go down the water slides, I kick the soccer ball as we play underwater soccer.
“Wake up honey¨Mum says
It was just a dream!  

Monday, April 6, 2020

100WC Week #28

Blue,    Sad,    Giraffes,    Snowflakes,    Coco
Snow day  
“Wake up wake up wake up! My little sister shouted.
I Peeked through my eyelids there barely open. 
“It’s snowing!” My little sister is smiling ear to ear. 
She grabs my arm and pulls me out of bed. She has my arm in one hand and has her three colorful toy giraffes one is blue the other red and the last one is green in her other hand. 
As we walk outside I look up and all I see is snowflakes falling. I happened to catch some in my mouth!
“It's really cold out here, let's get back inside!” I say 
My sister has a sad look on her face 
“ come on i'll make us some hot coco” trying to convince her 
She smiles as she runs inside.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

100 WC Week 25

Banana   Black   Heavy   Jumped   Damaged
The School Bus.

As I race round trying to get ready, and not miss my school bus.
I grab my lunch and a Banana with Black bruises all over it.
“Wha Wha Wha” My little sister cries. I picked her up to settle her down.
 She is getting quite heavy when she calms down I  rush downstairs and out the door
“BYE MUM!” I shout from downstairs
“Bye honey have a great day!” Mum replies.

As I jumped on the school bus I saw the only seat left was the stinky one with the damaged legs but at least I made it

The end

Monday, March 9, 2020

100 WC week 24

… ‘I’m trying to hold on,’ he shouted …
The Monkey bars 

David rushes to the monkey bars hoping to be first, but he sees the new kid is there already.

“There can only be one person on the monkey bars and that is me!” David
 says under his breath. 

“ Let's have a monkey bar grip off,  last one to stay on gets the monkey bars for a week”
“Okay” the boy replies

Five minutes in, they’re barely holding on, and all the kids from the school are all gathered round.

“ Are you slipping?” David says  in disbelief that the new boy is still hanging on.

‘I’m trying to hold on’ he shouted, as a loud truck comes past.